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Rotary Dryer

SBM mining machinery design and manufacture a range of Rotary Dryers, which along with years of experience signifies that we could choose the machine most suited in your particular application.

  • Rotary Dryers fall into three main categories:
  • Rotary Cascade Dryers, where material is lifted and cascaded via a heat stream.
  • Rotary Louvre Dryers, where the hot air stream is passed through a ‘rolling’ bed of material.
  • Rotary Steam Tube Dryers, where material is lifted and cascaded via a rotating steam tube bundle

Externally, all Rotary Dryers have similar construction, consisting of a rotating shell fitted with tyres running on the set of support rollers, using a chain or spur gear ring drive.

Inroduction of Rotary Dryer

rotary dryerA rotary dryer is surely an industrial dryer utilized to dry material by eliminating or decreasing the moisture content. Its basic components incorporate a rotary body, raw material feeding plate, driving mechanism, supporting devices, among others. The raw material plate is arranged conveniently allowing adjustable angle positions. The fabric being dried is inserted for the rotary cylinder with the raw material plate. Hot air flows inside the cylinder causing the separation of water from your material by converting it into vapor which is discharged in to the atmosphere. At this point, the material becomes dry.

Rotary dryers are traditionally used in drying of your variety of materials including slag, clay, sand, limestone, cement, chemicals, animal feed, fertilizers, human food, etc. They’re extremely popular among construction industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, recycling industry, metallurgical industry, just to name a few. Its advantages include but are not restricted to the next: a high ease of drying material, high output capability, its low energy consumption (is economical), smooth rotation, and ease of operation.

Our drying machines identify themselves from that relating to other suppliers by its special design, first-class welding, energy-saving structure, reliable operation and durability. SBM mining company has a professional team for rotary dryers, from machine designing to machine testing, from technical assistance to quality controlling, from pre-sale service to after-sale service. All they contribute is to the satisfaction of consumers.

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